Hi. I'm Cole.
Growing up in rural Montana, I never fully appreciated the massive amount of beauty that surrounded me. As I got older, I realized that my experience was not the same as those I came to know from other parts of the world. Unfortunately, I had a hard time explaining just how magnificent a sunrise over the mountains, the serenity of a waterfall, or the peacefulness of freshly fallen snow truly was to those who hadn't seen it themselves. Since I was never a very good story teller, it would usually end up with "Here - let me just show you," and the camera phone would come out. 

Finally, in November of 2015 I bought myself a starter DSLR. From that point forward, I never went anywhere without my kit, and this site is the result. The best thing about photography is there's always something to learn, and I can't wait to continue documenting my journey through life, and telling better stories through those pictures.

I hope you enjoy. 
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